Handling COVID-19 in a chorus

On this page we have collected some information and tips for online chorus rehearsals..

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News from the choral scene

The Saarland Choral Association offers a good overview of the "Chor-News" with regard to the COVID-19 situation:

German Choral association

The German Choral Association is our umbrella organisation and regularly provides up-to-date information on the use of COVID-19..


The RKI website contains all relevant information on the current infection situation.

Introductory video for online chorus rehearsals with ZOOM

Erläuterungen zu Online-Chorproben (englisch)

Videotutorials zu Online-Chorproben (englisch)

Missing anything?

Have you come across more information about chorus and quartet rehearsals in times of COVID-19 that you think is missing here??

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