BinG! aks for your support

Dear Barbershop enthusiasts, dear BinG! members -

Our association is primarily financed by membership fees and donations. The realization of events is designed to at least balance the budget. Nevertheless, there are not always enough funds left for new tasks and initiatives. Therefore we ask for donations:

Intensifying the Youth Work

Especially in the field of youth work we currently need financial leeway to initiate big things by small things (such as advertising material).

Since 2019 we offer the A CAPPELLA JUGENDCAMP to inspire young singers for Barbershop. Specifically, we would like to provide the participants with a T-shirt as a souvenir of the event and for the final concert (total costs of approx. 400€).

We are grateful to everyone who would like to make a contribution to the good cause for this and for our youth work:

If the costs of the shirts are covered, all further donations will be completely dedicated to our youth work. On behalf of BinG! youth work we thank you very much for your support!

Honouring our Champions

During the preparation of the Barbershop Music Festival, we have thought a lot about how to make the honouring of the German and World Champions an outstanding experience: by awarding particularly high-quality medals. For this purpose, medals must be embossed with specially manufactured tools and receive the necessary finishing touches in several further process stages. The high quality is particularly meaningful to us for two reasons: On the one hand, our championships are of a very high musical quality, which must be appreciated. On the other hand, these medals are awarded to the top ensembles at our German Championships and World Championships and are thus the figurehead of BinG! in the German and international singing scene.

To have these new medals avaliable, an initial investment of 3.700 € is necessary. We have already received some donations for this purpose, and if every BinG! member will contribute only 5€, the idea can become reality!

It would only be with high regret if we had to resort to simpler models for cost reasons.