Mixed quartet from Mainz, Münster, Cologne - established 2023

We are four Barbershop nerds that have met in the A Cappella Youth Camp. While singing BYC repertoire in the streets to promote the BMF, we have figured out that all four of us knew a part of another random song. So we could sing it right away and we loved the sound! With that good feeling in mind, we have prepared yet another piece for open stage night in the youth camp. Later on, Harmony College and the Coesfeld Cup (BinG!'s quartet qualification for BMF) happened and we didn't want to miss out on the chance to sing on the big stage! So, here we are!

Assigning our voice parts is and will be a rollercoaster ride. But what would life be without its challenges, right?!

Who we are

Schoof Theio
Rodrigues Rebecca
Olm Michael
Rodrigues Jeremy