Mixed quartet from Bayreuth, Dortmund, Dresden, Munich - established 2016

KARMA is a colorful group brought together by their shared passion for barbershop singing, minced meat, and beer.
Comprised of the beautiful Nightingale of the Rhein-Neckar district, the energetic Rocking Voice of the Ruhr area, the accomplished Sound Juggler of Saxony and Georg, a bass, the ensemble has swept across stages all over the world, including Sweden, Spain, China, and even the summer party of soccer club SV Lanzendorf, continuously causing tumultuous excitement among their audiences.
However, the only wish secretly slumbering within these four introverted, little softies is a longing for regular, disciplined rehearsals in a quiet closet and the appreciation of their parents, who lost their children to the seduction of barbershop in a moment of carelessness.
But today KARMA is happy to take you on a journey, searching for the joys of life that are rarely as gracefully revealed as in a moment of pure harmony - on and off the stage.
So buckle up, and please stay until the end.

Who we are

Richardsen Alina
Wick Melanie
Kromer Karl
Richardsen Georg

Where to find us