C'est la vie!...

Female quartet from Gevelsberg, Hagen, Herdecke - established 2007

“C`est la vie“ has been singing together as a ladies quartet since 2007. We began as members of “The Good Girls”, a women’s voice choir from Hagen.

Martina Bender-Genatowski,

Silke Fromm,

Birgitt Hofmann and

Andrea Königsmann

We celebrated our tenth anniversary in grand style in September 2017 singing in our original group formation. It became clear that Birgitt, our bass voice, would be leaving due to her retirement at the end of 2017 and we were very lucky and happy to be able to engage Nina Richter to take her place singing the bass part. Up to the end of 2017 we sang as a quintet and now we are able to sing as a quartet again with Nina as our new bass voice.

Until the change, our repertoire consisted mainly of arrangements from musicals but also included some old German pop songs. We would like to build up a similar repertoire from now on so that we can take part in choir festivals, sing at small local theatres or entertain at private parties.

We look forward to singing together and hopefully celebrating our 20th ”C’est la vie” anniversary in ten years’ time.

Who we are

Bender-Genatowski Martina
Fromm Silke
Königsmann Andrea
Biermann Brigitte

Where to find us