Aca-scuse me

Mixed quartet from Münster, Bamberg, LA, Köln - established 2023

[a ka 'skjuz 'mi] or also .- -.-. .- -....- ... -.-. ..- ... . / -- . or "'Aca-scuse me"' stands for friendship, honesty and the love of music.

We are a small but fine Kidz-quartet from Münster, Cologne, Bamberg and LA!!! Barbershop of a different kind. Our character traits: young(!!!), spontaneous, unprepared, funky, fabian, cheeky and financially needy.

Aca-scuse me came together at the BMF 2023 with the aim of taking home the golden pot at the BMF 2024. At the Coesfeld Cup, Aca-scuse me delivered a world-class performance straight away and qualified for the BMF 2024 with a very good and well-deserved 11th place. Now they have tasted blood and are hungry for victory in the hallowed Westfalenhallen Dortmund. Below are some personal quotes from the Aca-scuse me members:

Schnurbler: "It's a small world, so it costs relatively little."

Reriel: "Those who swim in the shark tank shouldn't throw stones."

GGB: "Live, laugh, love, Lucas Blitzer"

Charly: "Dont just live, exist!"


.-. -.-. -- -.-. -... - / --. .-.. --- -... .- .-.. -. . - / ... .- -. -.-- --- .. -..

Who we are

Ehrensberger Charlotte Christina
Noll Rebecca
Schneider Sebastian
Geigenberger Marvin

Where to find us