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The Barbershop Music Festival in spring 2018 only lasted 3 days, but these 3 days seem to have left a lasting impression on the a cappella scene in Germany.

After articles on the blog of Ninas Voxbox and Dr. Liz Garnett, there is also an article in the German magazin Chorzeit, which can now also be read digitally.


As a small association in Germany BinG! is very positively surprised by the response this year and is pleased to be able to participate more actively in the a cappella sccene in Germany, e.g. to become a member of the German Choir Association this year.


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Sought & Found


EKBC's search for a new musical director ended with considerable success. Matthias Neuburger, long-time and now outgoing director says: "I am enormously pleased that the chorus has chosen Andrea Figallo as my successor."

Not the first best...

We are the "Erster Kölner Barbershop Chor" and have also successfully participated in the casting of the Best Choir in the West. Nevertheless we are not looking for the first best!

We like to spice up our performances with the Cologne way of life and a lot of humor. Nevertheless, we are seriously searching!