The 4-day festival program at a glance

5 PM - 6:30 PM Experimenal Stage
Orchesterzentrum Dortmund


6:45 PM - 7:30 PM Speed Coaching 

for choruses of the Experimental Stage


from 7:30 PM 
Get Together

for participants, family and friends

3 PM - 7 PM
German Quartet Championship

Konzerthaus Dortmund
Admission: 2:30 PM


8:30 PM
Show of the Stars

Konzerthaus Dortmund

Admission: 8 PM

9:15 AM - 10:40 AM
Evaluation & Power Coaching
for competing quartets
Orchesterzentrum Dortmund


1 PM - 6:00 PM
German Chorus Championship

Konzerthaus Dortmund

Admission: 12:30 PM


8 PM
Show of the Champions

Konzerthaus Dortmund
Admission: 7:30 PM

09:00 AM - 10:00 AM Evaluation 

for competing choruses
Orchesterzentrum Dortmund 


10:00 - 11:15 AM Directors exchange of expertise

Hotel Esplande


11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Chorus Coaching under Glass

Orchesterzentrum Dortmund 


1:00 - 2:00 PM

Farewell ceremony

Orchesterzentrum Dortmund ​​​​​​​


Schedule of Events

Overview of 4-day festival program: HERE

This is what you can look forward to - more information about the program


Experimental Stage & Get Together

This is the kick-off event for incoming singers, their accompanying persons and guests. To warm up, to arrive, to try out and as the name says - to experiment. For this purpose there is the so-called experimental stage on Thursday from 5 PM.

Here, choruses who want to try their hand at barbershop singing have the chance to present themselves in front of a certified jury, or even as a newly founded chorus, the opportunity to take their very first chance to perform. Surprises and a lot of fun are guaranteed.

Like at the German Championships on the following days, the jury will judge the performances of the participating choruses in the categories Singing, Music and Performance.

The evening ends with the Get Together - a wonderful opportunity to refresh old contacts, meet new barbershoppers and get into the right mood with the stunning sounds of our top guest quartets while enjoying delicious food and cool drinks. Preglow at its finest!


German Quartet Championship & Show of Stars

With crystal clear chords, stunning vocal volume and artful performances, the best Barbershop quartets will thrill the audience and the certified panel.

Let yourself be carried away by the a cappella sound and stirring performances of Germany's best Barbershop quartets as they vie for the favor of the international panel and the German championship title. 

At the show of stars in the evening, starting at 8:30 p.m., you can look forward to the thrilling and brilliant performances of our top acts, first-class a cappella groups and our special guests.


German Chorus Championship & Show of the Champions

Immerse yourself in vocal worlds of sound, bathe in the rich a cappella sound of Germany's best barbershop choruses and let yourself be drawn into the spell of stunning performances.

At the Show of the Champions, international guest ensembles as well as the first- to third-placed ensembles of the German Barbershop Championships will make the Konzerthaus resound. Look forward to breathtaking a cappella sounds and masterful performances, a great program and an unforgettable evening with many emotional, funny, moving and heart-warming performances.


Evaluations & Educational Events

For participating singers:

After the evaluations for the competition choirs in the morning and the professional exchange for Bing! Choir directors, participants of the festival are invited to join the BinG! Youth Chorus for a coaching under glass session at the Orchestra Center. A farewell ceremony will bring the 2023 Barbershop Music Festival to a happy close.

 In the shows you can enjoy - international top acts  

The Ladies

The Ladies, are: Quincie Snook (Tenor), Caroline Beal (Lead), Kimberly Newcomb (Baritone) and Ashley Rohovit (Bass). They are from Nashville, Tennessee and won first place last year at the "74th Sweet Adelines International Competition", in Phoenix, Arizona (Sep. 2022). Thus they are the international "Queens of Harmony 2023".


A strong male quartet from Hershey, Pennsylvania featuring Dan Rubin (tenor), Sean Devine (lead), Alex Rubin (baritones) and Michael Skutt (bass). They have been singing, performing and enjoying participation in various Barbershop Harmony Society International Competitions since their inception in 2010. Their most recent outstanding placement: bronze, 3rd place at the 2022 Barbershop Harmony Society.

Special Guests

Heavy Medal Chorus

is a mixed chorus from Germany, consisting of quartet members who have won a medal in Barbershop competitions and thus belong to the best Barbershop singers in Germany.

The Heavy Medal singers come from different cities around the country and meet three times a year for intensive rehearsal weekends. Since their foundation in 2012, they have been united not only by their love of making music together, but also by the encounter among friends.

Building Bridges Chorus

is a women's chorus from the Netherlands under the musical direction of Wil Saenen. They are "International Chorus Winner 2022" of the most recently held Irish Association of Barbershop Singers Barbershop Contest as well as third place winners of the Holland Harmony Convention 2019 - "Passion in Harmony".

BinG Youth Chorus

Founded in 2019, the BinG! Youth Choir meets periodically for concerts. It is for anyone between the ages of 16 and 30 with some barbershop experience. This is our way of developing our own youth in the areas of singing, conducting, choreography, leadership and much more. 

About Barbershop Music Festival 2023

"A Cappella Love" is the motto under which from May 18 through 21, 2023 about 400 singers from all over Germany and the world will meet again in Konzerthaus Dortmund. Together, these are over 40 choruses and quartets, which put the hall in very special vibrations during this weekend. 

Experience the German championships for Barbershop choruses and Barbershop quartets or let yourself be carried away in the evening gala shows on Friday and Saturday. Exhilarating performances and the 4-part a cappella sound of barbershop harmony singing are waiting for you. 

Be there when A Cappella hearts beat faster. 

We are looking forward to seeing you!


4 days of a cappella music festival in Dortmund with:

  • gigantic voices

  • pure emotions

  • experimental stage

  • German Quartet Championship

  • German Chorus Championship

  • evening gala shows on Friday and Saturday evening 



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