FAQs - all you need to know about Harmony College

FAQ Registration/Ticket Sales, etc.

Ticket sales always start in May of the current year. The exact date and the link to the shop are available via the ticket sales button.

You can find the prices on our event page.

You don't have to buy your ticket yourself, someone else can also buy a ticket for you.

Our terms and conditions regulate exactly until when and with what cancellation costs you can cancel. As short-term illness can never be ruled out, we recommend that you take out seminar cancellation insurance. There are offers from Hanse Merkur or Ergo, for example. Please check for yourself whether they offer the right cover for you.

FAQs Youth Hostel

To avoid crowds at mealtimes, there are two groups (A + B) with different meal times for lunch and dinner (= slots). When you check in, you can choose one of the two groups and receive a small sticker as a reminder.

The times are:

Group A

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

11:55 – 12:40

11:30 – 12:15

17: 30 – 18:15

17: 50 – 18:35



Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

12: 40 – 13:25

12:15 – 13:00

18:15 – 19:00

18:35 – 19:20

The youth hostel kitchen tries to cater for all our wishes. In addition to vegetarian food, vegan/gluten-free options are also available. If you bring your own food and need to refrigerate it, you will have access to an extra fridge.

Please let us know when you register or get in touch with us.

Water and tea are always available free of charge; coffee is of course also available at breakfast.
 You can also purchase drinks at the bar, including alcoholic beverages.

There are 4-bed rooms, two 6-bed rooms and a few 3-bed rooms.
All rooms are equipped with shower and WC; bed linen is provided, towels can be rented for a fee. So please bring your own if necessary. Some rooms are handicapped accessible and can be reached without stairs - please contact us if required.

Yes - you can get the access data at reception.

Unfortunately not! We take allergy sufferers and guests who are afraid of dogs into consideration.

The majority of courses are taught in English. However, more than 1/3 are now held in German.

Electives (1x45min.), identical courses on the 2nd + 3rd day

Class (1x 90min.), double lesson on one day

XXL Class (2x 90min.), 2 double lessons as one unit at the same time on the 2nd + 3rd day

Courses are offered for all levels. You can find out whether a course is suitable for you in the description and under prerequisites.

- The levels are as follows:

   ALL = for everyone
   BEGINNER = beginner, no experience in this area
   INTERMEDIATE = already experienced in this area
   ADVANCED = many years of experience in this area or professional musicians

  • Singing
  • Musicality artistry
  • Performance
  • Musicianship (e.g Ear training, Rhythm)
  • Coaching / Directing
  • Other (e.g. Yoga, Stage Make-up)

Our faculty consists of national and international coaches with outstanding expertise. You can find the names and bios on our event page.

There are 3 project choruses. SSAA-High Voices, TTBB-Low Voices and SATB-Young Voices (up to and including 26 years). As the suffixes indicate, the SSAA Chorus is suitable for high voices and the TTBB Chorus for low voices, regardless of which gender you feel you belong to. SSAA and TTBB are open to all. For example, if you sing bass in the women's choir, you could sing lead or bari in the TTBB Chorus.

FAQs Coesfeld Cup

Every registered BinG! quartet. The registration period ends in August, the exact date will be announced.

Yes, every BinG! quartet can register for the Coesfeld Cup. The invitation will be sent to all BinG! quartets in mid-June.

Each quartet must perform 2 contestable songs. If you are not sure, contact an arranger or music judge.

Every registered BinG! quartet will be contacted by the board in mid-June and can then PROACTIVELY register their participation.

Every 2nd year the Coesfeld Cup is Prelim for the Barbershop Music Festival. The next one will take place in 2026, for which you qualify at the Coesfeld Cup 2025.

FAQs Supportive Program

Quartet competition by BinG!

On the 2nd evening, the board of our association offers a members' forum to talk openly with the members and develop new ideas.

A brigade is offered parallel to the members' forum. Anyone, whether new to quartets or an "old hand", can take part. The main thing is to sing! Places are limited, so registration in SCHED is required in advance. 3 songs must be learnt, which will be sung in SATB mixed.

The Chorditorium is a colourful evening with an open stage. Anyone can take part - after registering on site on the same day (announcement on site). One performance per group.

Each project chorus presents the two songs it has worked on (the respective outfits will be announced in SCHED). This is followed by a collective group hug to say goodbye...

Director Café, Technik Café, Lizensen/Gema Café - more info to follow...